Burn Right

Burn right for more heat in your home, to benefit you and your family’s health as well as protecting the environment and avoiding dangerous climate change from black carbon. Make your woodstove part of the solution, rather than the problem!

polar bearDirty woodstoves and boilers used for home heating release soot that pollutes the air and contributes to dangerous climate change. They also burn through fuel inefficiently, which means that they also burn through money spent on fuel.

Most stoves currently in use are older models that are very inefficient and release high levels of emissions. Do you see dark smoke coming off your fireplace or out of your chimney? Do you feel physical symptoms from the smoke – like burning eyes, runny nose, or a cough? Are you spending more than you would like to replenish your wood fuel supply?
sea iceThe best solution is to get rid of that dirty, old-model woodstove and invest in a high efficiency newer model (see link to the left for some guidelines).  But not everyone can afford a new stove; and by following a few simply steps (burning the right fuel, in the right amounts, using the right techniques), you can get better heat output with far less fuel and harmful emissions.

This web page outlines why “burning right” is so important to slow dangerous climate change, especially in regions like the Arctic; as well as for human health.  Everyone can contribute, and everyone benefits.

Just follow the Five Simple Steps for Better Burning to protect the environment, your health, and your wallet.


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